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dangerous unapproved "vaccines" that kill

THERE ARE NO APPROVED VACCINES FOR COVID-19 because approval takes years of trials, research and revisions. You are the guinea pigs and lab rats in their experimental vaccine trials. There are 3 primary EUA "vaccines" used in the United States. The vaccines are from Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson&Johnson. Both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines use mRNA nanotechnology which supposedly tricks your body, bypasses your immune system, attaches to your DNA and begins re-programming your DNA to trigger an immune response to the virus. They call it "encoding your system with instruction. But that is just a play on words for re-programming. Moderna even proves this by calling their "vaccine" system an "operating system with the software of life".  Both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines also infect you with Sars-Cov-2 because they contain the spike glyco-protein from the virus itself - the very part of the virus which forces its way into your cells and replicates itself to produce Covid-19.

The Johnson and Johnson vaccine works differently, without mRNA nanotechnology and it is produced by a company called Janssen which is they own. But do not forget this vaccine is produced by a parent company which has been fined billions for violating safety guidelines, lying about their products and putting the lives of people in jeopardy (or worse) repeatedly. All of these vaccines are experimental which require people (Guinea Pigs) to experiment on for years before they can be approved.

The reason most people do not know the awful damage the vaccines are producing is because there is a coverup that the news media, social media, medical, vaccine, pharmaceutical and regulatory agencies are participating in. The truth is blocked, discredited and made to seem as if it is "conspiracy theory". But if you know where to look in the information from agencies such as the FDA and the CDC, you can see the proof that these vaccines are injuring and killing people. And both J&J and Pfizer have an awful track record of violating safety regulations deliberately, getting causing, losing in court, paying out billions in fines and causing the deaths of innocent victims. Neither should have even been allowed to receive an EUA. Look at the evidence by clicking below.

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