the truth about covid-19

emergency use authorization (EUA)

  1. The FDA issued EUAs allowing the experimental vaccines to be used against Covid-19.                                       But here is what most of you did not know and you can click the buttons below to see the proof.

  2. An EUA is not an Approval. And as of 4/1/2021, there are no approved vaccines for Covid-19.

  3. The standards for approving a vaccine are much more scrutinizing and tougher.

  4. Steps were skipped, bypassed and ignored to rush through the vaccines.

  5. The FDA guidelines allow for EUA only if there are/were no other effective treatments, therapies nor cures.

  6. The FDA violated its own guidelines. Remdesivir was "approved" by the FDA as a treatment for Covid-19.

  7. In order to allow the dangerous vaccine shots, the FDA, the NIH, NIAID, CDC, vaccine makers and other agencies ignored and discredited doctors using effective treatments such as Hydroxychloroquine.

  8. The vaccines were never the only hope nor the best solution.